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Direct Motion Technologies is a full service Audio Visual & Event Technology Production Company. We handle all the Audio Visual support needs for our clients. WE ARE NOT A MARKETING FIRM! However, we offer many tools and services that can assist you with your marketing campaign. Below is a list of services and support we can offer you.

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Audio Visual Equipment Rentals.

Present your product or services with your vision and the support we provide. We got all of the proper Audio Visual, Event Technology & IT equipment you need to make your visualization a reality.

Audio Visual Production (PA Systems & Stage Setups)

Present your product or services with live sound such as PA systems & stage set-ups for events, meetings and conferences. We make it easy to communicate your message across a live crowd.

Audio Recording & Mixing.

Present your product or services with radio ads or simply add your audio onto videos. Our multi-track recording allows you to record audio/vocals and present it how you wish.

Direct Motion DJ's - Full Scale DJ Service.

Present your product or services at a launch or a promotional event with great entertainment. Our DJ Services will make sure that your event is a fun and unforgettable one.

Direct Motion DJ's provides a unique experience in DJ Services. Our inventory consists of the best in DJ Technology. Our team of DJ’s are educated in the art of sound vibrations & light rays. As well as, reading the crowd providing a well harmonized outcome. We handle several occasions with diverse crowds. Prepared with a large quantity of genres to choose from, equipped with HD sound systems and spectacle light displays, sure to please any crowd. Our DJ's keep the dance floor & party in MOTION.

Video Recording & Multimedia.

Present your product or services with Infomercials & Testimonial Videos with our Video & Multimedia Services. We will capture your footage and customize it to fit your needs.

Information Technology

Much of today’s marketing is done online. It is efficient and beneficial for any business to have working Computers and hardware to access the World Wide Web. It is also important to upgrade hardware when needed. Both hardware and software play an important role in this. Let us help you.


Before you market your product or services you need an efficient workstation. We can set up the all your IT hardware (Computers, Printers, Modems, and Servers.) with the proper networking linked to it.