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Networking & Communications

Our networking and cable running communication solutions will have your office space & entertainment rooms linked up around the world. Our technical support offers computer setups, wireless networking and audio visual setups. Have an idea for your space? Contact us TODAY!

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Ethernet & Wireless Networking

(Software & Hardware.)


  • Audio visual installations. (TVS, projectors, visual systems, and sound systems.)
  • Ethernet /fiber optics/coaxial cable (coax) networking connections.
  • Hardware/device setups.
  • Modem and router installs.
  • Organization of tangled/messy wires.
  • Printer installs (wired, wireless, networking)
  • Peer to peer setups.
  • Security camera installs.
  • Wireless network configurations.
  • Wireless network setups.

PC Set-ups, Installs, Upgrades

(Software & Hardware.)

  • Driver updates.
  • Hard drive replacements.
  • Memory, RAM, Hard drive upgrades.
  • PC hardware installs.
  • PC setups.
  • PC upgrades.
  • Software installations.
  • Software updates and upgrades.

Data & Hard Drives

  • Convert file types.
  • Data backups.
  • Data/file encryption.
  • Data recovery.
  • Extract data from old or broken hard drives.
  • Importing/exporting (Documents, files, pictures, videos, and music from broken PCS & Laptops.)
  • Organize data files & locations.
  • Transfer data from device to device.

Computer Troubleshooting


  • Application trouble shooting.
  • Computer cleanups.
  • Computer crashes.
  • Corrupt files.
  • PC, Laptop, iPhone, and iPad troubleshooting.
  • PC/laptop repairs.
  • PC/laptop tune-ups.
  • Restoration to factory setting.
  • Speed/performance.
  • Windows, Mac OS, IOS, and Android.